Recruiting the Trades - Know what you want with Kevin Robertson

Join us for an enlightening episode where we interview Kevin, Senior Recruiter at Skill Work!  Explore his incredible journey from the corporate world to the heart of Skilled Trades and gain valuable insights into the evolving narrative of blue-collar careers. Kevin shares his experiences, challenges, and the profound impact of connecting candidates with life-changing opportunities. Get ready to be inspired by this deep dive into the world of career transformation!  #CareerJourney #SkilledTrades #SkillWorkPodcast
Main Takeaways:
 2:12:25 - 03:04:30 - Exploring the World of Skilled Trades with Kevin, Senior Recruiter at Skill Work
 00:49:23 - 1:54:94 - From Corporate World to Skilled Trades: Recruiter’s Journey and Insights
 3:25:78 - 4:22:56 - Unveiling the Recruitment Process for Skilled Trades 
 7:21:39 - 8:27:28 - Breaking Barriers in Skilled Trades: Recruiter’s Perspective on the Changing Narrative
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