Semiconductor Manufacturing with Brett Elliott and Tim Raglin

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In this Skillwork Forum episode, hosts Tim Raglin and Brett Elliott delve into the captivating realm of semiconductor manufacturing.
Amidst global supply chain challenges, they shed light on the critical need to bring semiconductor production back onshore. From the impact on industries during COVID to the introduction of the CHIPS Act, discover how the U.S. aims to regain control of its semiconductor supply.
With a staggering $155 billion investment, the government seeks to incentivize and drive the resurgence of semiconductor manufacturing. Join the hosts as they discuss the ambitious goal of achieving 30% domestic production by 2030, ensuring security and reducing dependency on overseas manufacturing.
The duo emphasizes the demand for skilled technicians and exciting educational initiatives, including microelectronics programs and semiconductor degrees, aimed at filling this talent gap. They tackle the challenges and opportunities presented by this manufacturing boom and highlight the national security implications.
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