The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Staffing Model for Skilled Trades


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Does your organization use staffing agencies to fill crucial roles?

Most companies that use staffing agencies understand there are different models, but not all models are created equal. Let us help you understand the different staffing models available to your company and how you can find the right model for your needs.

The latest episode of The Skillwork Forum takes an in-depth look at the options available and how to identify the best model for the roles you need to fill. 🛠

Take it from the staffing professionals—you want to discover what options are available and find the skilled workers that will do the job right to maximize your time and resources.

Skillwork is here to get you those skilled workers. 👍🏽

Main Takeaways:

🛠 Learn the different staffing models available for your company
🛠 There are both pros and cons to the “headhunter” model
🛠 Find out if the temp agency model is what you need
🛠 Travel staffing is the option to best find you the skilled workers you need
🛠 Skillwork can connect you to the right skillset and culture fit for your business


00:00-06:03 | What are the different staffing agency models available?
06:03-14:14 | Learn about the contingency hiring model
14:14-23:46 | How does a temp agency operate?
23:46-32:05 | Is the travel staffing model right for you?
32:05-36:23 | Permanently hiring a temporary staff member
36:23-38:23 | Find the staffing agency that works with your culture


💬 “The headhunter model means an agency will hire you to find and place candidates based on a predetermined fee.” - Tim Raglin
💬 "Look out for “poaching"—you better figure out how to retain your employees because somebody is coming to get them.” - Brett Elliott
💬 “Temp agencies are generally best for companies that have well-known requirements with very low onboarding or training required.” - Tim Raglin
💬 “The thing about temporary employees is that they all want to eventually feel like they have a permanent home and benefits.” - Brett Elliott
💬 “The negatives of the temp agency model are that with high volume comes less quality.” - Brett Elliott
💬 “At Skillwork, we strive to be right 80% of the time with our staffing model.” - Brett Elliott
💬 “Once we get those requirements and an agreement with you, we find those candidates and our company does a lot of upfront vetting, a lot of testing—because when we attract candidates, ultimately, we hire them.” - Tim Raglin
💬 “Our job is to make sure you get placed where you can thrive and meet our clients’ needs.” - Tim Raglin
💬 “After we vet them and make sure it's a good fit, you also engage in that you interview and you make the final decision—you don't just get somebody we send to you.” - Tim Raglin
💬 “One of the big pros to our staffing model is the ability to find high demand of advanced skill set workers.” - Brett Elliott
💬 “It's our challenge to find out your requirements and how your culture works.” - Tim Raglin

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