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Why Is There a Labor Shortage In The Trades?

In this blog, we answer the question, “How bad is the labor shortage?” by taking look at the U.S. labor market as a whole. Then, we dive into the skilled trades labor shortage specifically, outlining five factors that contributed to the shortage. Finally, we explain how Skillwork can bridge the gap between employers looking for workers and workers looking for trade industry jobs.

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How Can a Trade Staffing Agency Help Employers and Skilled Workers?

Skilled trades are the backbone of the U.S. economy. However, there’s a shortage of tradesmen to fill essential roles in trade industries. Some reasons for this shortage include an aging workforce that’s retiring faster than people are entering the trades, a long-standing bias that favors college education, and a societal stigma that sees the trades as less prestigious compared to white-collar professions.

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6 Strategies for Employee Retention

Millions of employees across industries have joined a mass exodus from the workplace, known as the Great Resignation, instigated by the pandemic. This tight labor market has returned the upper hand to American workers. Phrases such as “quiet quitting” and “act your wage” have become popularized as employees find community with others who don’t feel appropriately valued or appreciated by their employers.

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How to Recruit Skilled Trades Workers

As the demand for skilled trades continues to grow, many companies are struggling to find qualified candidates to fill their job openings. The skilled trades shortage is a growing problem, and companies must find effective ways to attract and retain skilled labor. 

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Automation in the Workforce

In today's modern manufacturing world, traditional skills that emphasize more analog controls and machinery are being outpaced as automation in the workforce rises. With this new shift – automation and artificial intelligence (AI) being at the forefront – the future workforce needs technological know-how to keep up with the evolution of work.

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