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What Industries are Facing the Biggest Talent Shortage by 2030

It’s no secret there is a lack of skilled tradesmen in today’s industries. 🆘

With the global supply chain shortage, industries returning to US soil, and the lack of competent tradesmen in a wide array of businesses, a worker shortage is here and will only worsen with time.

In this episode, we discuss what industries are most impacted by this shortage and what you can do to mitigate the problem before it causes a loss in revenue. 📉

Learn about the worsening talent shortage and what you can do about it. Link in comments 👇


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The Great Candidate Shortage

The Great Candidate Shortage

“Where are all the skilled workers?” We hear this often—they’re hard to find these days.

The pandemic shined light on worker shortages across all sectors. While the hospitality and light manufacturing industries were hit the hardest, we expect to see a quick recovery as things continue to open back up.

The trades face a different problem: there was already a shortage of over a million workers going into 2020. Pandemic closures and economic impacts only made it worse—and unlike other industries, recovery won’t be so quick.

If you’re a business that’s having significant trouble finding skilled tradesmen, don’t lose hope: you can still find skilled workers. 



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