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Why Is the Labor Market So Tight?

The labor market tightness has been felt across the United States. But what does it mean when the labor market is “tight”? In this blog, we discuss the tight job market, factors that affect the job market, and how to find workers (and work) when the job market is tight.

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How to Use Recruitment Agencies to Find Work and Workers

So, you need to hire a new employee, but you don’t have the internal resources to manage the recruitment process yourself. Or, maybe you’re a skilled worker on a short-term job that wrapped up, and now you’re looking for a new gig. In both circumstances, joining a recruitment agency is a great next step. 

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How to Recruit Tradesmen in My Area

You’re likely searching Google for “tradesmen in my area” and “tradesman staffing,” but no one seems to have any answers. If you’re an employer in the trades, no one has to tell you there’s a skilled labor shortage. Driven by the mass exodus of baby boomers, the number of skilled trades jobs in the United States is far outpacing the number of younger, qualified tradespeople able to fill them. 

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Pros and Cons of Internal and External Recruitment

Good recruitment strategies are crucial to your success as a business. Every company approaches recruitment differently, but all businesses have to recruit. Fluctuations in your staff will cause vacancies to appear inevitably, but your business can’t run without the right people in the right positions.

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