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2022 Trends for Skilled Labor (Part 1)

Are you aware of the skilled labor trends for 2022?  

We’re expecting to see similar trends from the past two years in 2022, but many of them will accelerate significantly in the coming months. It’s critical to be prepared as a business leader or skilled worker so you can meet the challenge head-on
In our most recent episode , Tim Raglin and Brett Elliott chat about the eight largest factors and trends that will continue to affect the skilled trades , such as:
Labor Shortages
Baby Boomer Exodus
Workplace Flexibility
These are j ust a few of the challenges industries across the United States have been facing and will continue to face in the coming year. However, we’re confident that being aware of these issues can help businesses and workers plan to be successful in 2022



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Honoring The Trades And American Heritage - The Art Of Honor

Skilled tradesmen making art that honors America’s heroes and values? Count us in 👊
In our most recent episode, Tim Raglin sits down with Tim Lampros and Dan Stuenzi, the artist and business mind behind America’s Wall of Honor. They discuss how Lampros used his military and trades background to create art that honors our fallen heroes and service branches.
He combined sanding, welding, and engineering to create a mobile monument that will travel to all 50 states, teaching patriotism to young and old alike. 🇺🇸
It’s amazing to see the trades making an impact in every sphere of life and culture. This is an episode you don’t want to miss. Also, check out their website for more information!
America’s Wall of Honor


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What Industries are Facing the Biggest Talent Shortage by 2030

It’s no secret there is a lack of skilled tradesmen in today’s industries. 🆘

With the global supply chain shortage, industries returning to US soil, and the lack of competent tradesmen in a wide array of businesses, a worker shortage is here and will only worsen with time.

In this episode, we discuss what industries are most impacted by this shortage and what you can do to mitigate the problem before it causes a loss in revenue. 📉

Learn about the worsening talent shortage and what you can do about it. Link in comments 👇


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The Great Candidate Shortage

The Great Candidate Shortage

“Where are all the skilled workers?” We hear this often—they’re hard to find these days.

The pandemic shined light on worker shortages across all sectors. While the hospitality and light manufacturing industries were hit the hardest, we expect to see a quick recovery as things continue to open back up.

The trades face a different problem: there was already a shortage of over a million workers going into 2020. Pandemic closures and economic impacts only made it worse—and unlike other industries, recovery won’t be so quick.

If you’re a business that’s having significant trouble finding skilled tradesmen, don’t lose hope: you can still find skilled workers. 



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