The Skills Maintenance - Be Driven - with Wes Martin

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In this empowering episode of "The Skills Maintenance - Be Driven," we sit down with Wes Martin, a seasoned Maintenance Technician, who shares his wealth of knowledge and experience in the skilled trades. Wes dives into the importance of having a mentor, being vocal about issues that need fixing, and the crucial role of drive in achieving success. He also highlights the benefits of working with Skillwork, emphasizing how they make life easy for skilled tradesmen. From practical advice to inspiring insights, this episode is a must-watch for anyone in the skilled trades looking to advance their careers and redefine success.
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Main Takeaways:
01:10-02:07 “Working With Skillwork–We Make Life Easy!”
 05:18-06:16 “You Need A Mentor!” 
 09:11-10:11 “Be Vocal About Issues That Need Fixing!”
 07:40-08:39 “You Gotta Have Drive!”
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