TSWF Ep.016: Planning for COVID 2.0

TSWF Ep.016: COVID 2.0

As businesses continue to reopen and get moving again after the economic shutdown earlier this year, considering a possible return of high COVID-19 numbers is likely the last thing on our minds.

For many businesses, it feels like just coming up for air after months of unprecedented challenges.

However, it’s crucial to plan ahead so your company is prepared should the virus raise its ugly head again. Luckily, there are many companies that have paved the way and we can learn from their experience.

In this episode of The Skillwork Forum, “COVID 2.0”, we discuss some of the measures food and beverage manufacturing facilities have implemented to keep their workers safe and how your organization can utilize some of these policies as you strategically plan for a possible resurgence of cases this fall.



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