The Best Ways to Recruit Employees: Hiring Practices for Recruiting Talented Employees

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Utilizing the best ways to recruit employees could mean the difference between good and great skilled labor candidates. Many employers struggle recruiting talented employees and settle for candidates that don’t quite fit the bill. 

Are you interested in learning the best hiring practices when it comes to skilled workers?

Do you want to learn how to find and hire great employees?

As a skilled labor employer, you don’t need to stick to the same hiring and recruitment strategies you’ve been using for years. There are ways to hire good employees that involve simple changes but lead to massive results.

In this article, we’re discussing the benefits of hiring talented employees. We’ll also share how to recruit candidates that will:

  • Add value to your company
  • Keep your production high 
  • Grow your bottom line

Continue reading to learn about some of our top techniques for finding good employees.

The Benefits of Using the Best Hiring Practices 

It can be risky and costly to change your hiring practices. However, it could be costing you even more if you can’t find and hire the right employees.

Using the best hiring and recruiting strategies can help you with recruiting talented employees, and updating your hiring strategies can make a difference for you and your employees. 

Some of the benefits of effective hiring methods include: 

  • Obtaining quality candidates 
  • Decreasing employee turnover rates
  • Creating a positive and safe work environment

Here’s a look at these three benefits in more detail, so you’ll understand why you may want to look into new employee recruitment techniques.

Obtaining Quality Candidates

First of all, adopting the best ways to hire employees allows you to find higher-quality candidates. 

No one goes into the hiring and recruiting process to find average skilled workers. Instead, you want to find and hire employees who:

  • Are skilled and experienced
  • Can quickly add value
  • Work diligently
  • Show up to work on time

Hiring talented employees involves a recruiting method that finds, gates, vets, and processes a large pool of candidates until you’re left with the best ones.

A better recruitment process leads to better skilled workers.

Decreased Employee Turnover

A good recruiting and hiring process can go a long way in keeping employees around. In the current skilled worker shortage, it’s not just enough to find and hire great employees—you also need to keep them. 

For one, an effective hiring process allows you to properly screen and interview potential candidates. You can get a peek into each candidate’s previous work history and gain valuable information about their work habits.

Additionally, your hiring and recruiting process gives the first impression of your company to potential candidates. When you have an effective hiring process, candidates will notice. If everything is professional and smooth, it will give them a positive impression of what working at your company is like.

The bottom line is that excellent hiring practices can help you not only help you find valuable employees but also keep them around.

Better Work Environment

Lastly, knowing how to find and hire great employees will result in a positive and safe work environment. If you have a good recruiting process that’s finding high-quality candidates and keeping them around, your company culture will improve.

Employees with poor attitudes and work habits will eventually become a drain on your current employees. Having to handle work issues or let employees go results in lost time and money. Additionally, employees who don’t work with care or follow standard procedures can pose a safety risk to other employees.

But when employees can enter into your company, integrate into the culture quickly, and do their work well, it makes everyone’s job easier and creates a safer work environment.

Knowing the benefits of a good recruitment process is only half the battle. Now, let’s look at some specific business recruitment strategies for skilled workers.

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The Best Ways to Hire Employees

There are many different ways to attract suitable candidates and hire the ones that fit your needs. However, every good hiring process includes four elements:

  • A clear job description
  • An effective recruitment strategy
  • A trial period for hires
  • A travel staffing approach to hiring

Here’s some more in-depth information about these three factors.

1. Better Job Description

This may sound obvious, but writing good job descriptions can help you find and hire the right employees.

A job posting is often the first thing that a potential hire will see—it’s their first impression of you and your organization. Clear, succinct, and informative descriptions help the candidate understand the position and get an idea of what you’re like.

Here are two good questions to ask regarding job postings:

  • Are your applications turning away suitable applicants?
  • Are your applications attention-grabbing?

Ultimately, you want your job postings and applications: 

  • To include the most valuable qualifications
  • Necessary and relevant information
  • To be easy to read and understand

Taking the time to make your applications attractive will significantly help in the recruiting and hiring process.

2. Effective Recruitment Process

It’s also necessary to have a recruitment process that effectively vets, gates, interviews, processes, and hires the right skilled workers.

  • Do you have a large pool of applicants?
  • Do you take the time to look at resumes?
  • Do you check into references and prior work history?
  • Do you test an applicant’s physical and mental capabilities?
  • Do you thoroughly interview candidates?

Finding and hiring talented employees shouldn’t take too much time, but you also want to do your due diligence. Hiring a poor employee will cost more money and time in the long run, but doing it right the first time will provide significant benefits.

The best recruitment processes involve multiple levels of vetting to ensure that you select the best candidates. 

3. Employee Trial Period

Another valuable method used when recruiting talented employees is a trial basis. 

A trial basis means that you’ll hire a candidate temporarily, with the ability to keep them longer-term if their performance is satisfactory.

Using a trial process also allows you and your employees to experience working with this candidate. It can tell you and the candidate if they can handle the job and fit into your work culture.

Plus, if the candidate doesn’t work out, you don’t have to go through a probation and termination process. The trial period makes it easier to sever ties and hire another candidate.

4. Travel Staffing Approach

Lastly, you can start using a travel staffing approach to skilled labor hiring.

With travel staffing, you’re doing away with geographic barriers and opening yourself up to a larger pool of candidates. You don’t need to limit yourself to your local area, and you can find the skilled labor you need more quickly. Oftentimes companies can’t find the workers they need locally because they’re simply not there.

A travel staffing approach also makes it easier to hire and staff skilled workers for as short or long as you need them. Whether you need an employee for three months or three years, hiring employees from around the country when you need them helps keep production high.

It may sound a little unorthodox, but a travel staffing approach can help find and hire skilled workers more efficiently.

How to Find and Hire Great Employees

Finding great skilled workers in the current worker shortage is difficult. It may seem like there aren’t enough workers or old hiring and recruiting strategies aren’t working. Sometimes you need to revisit and revamp your hiring practices.

Effective hiring methods provide your company with:

  • Quality candidates
  • Lower attrition rates
  • Better work environment

Four employee recruitment techniques that you can begin using today are:

  • Write better job descriptions
  • Create an effective recruitment process
  • Use an employee trial period
  • Adopt a travel staffing approach

However, the best way to hire employees as a skilled labor employer may be to connect with a skilled worker staffing agency.

At Skillwork, we dedicate ourselves to finding good employees for our clients. Our unique travel staffing approach allows us to find you the employees when you need them. We start by spending time talking with you to understand your company and your needs. Then, we use our proprietary 8-step gating and vetting process to effectively and quickly narrow in on the best candidates. Once we’ve found the top applicants, we connect them to you for hiring. You can work with our skilled workers before bringing them on full-time, and you can hire them for as short or long as you need.

Fill out an application for an obligation-free consultation today. We know how to recruit candidates, and we know our expertise will benefit you.

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