“Temp workers are almost always unqualified or incompetent.”

“Temp workers are almost always unqualified or incompetent.”

Have you had a negative experience with the skill level of temp workers? It’s a real problem—but at the root, it’s less about the workers and more about the business model of staffing agencies focusing on quantity over quality. This model can work in certain environments, but you already know it’s not a good fit in the skilled trade space.

Skillwork’s supplemental labor model is different from the temporary model. We focus on creating a long term relationship with our skilled tradesmen, so even if they’re only with your company short term, they have a commitment that keeps them focused on bringing competence and quality to you.

Watch the video (below) to see how partnering with a company like Skillwork is an effective way to tackle the skilled labor shortage you are experiencing within your organization. Our workers will not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

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