Will you be moved?

Will you be moved?

I read something recently that left me thinking about a relatively simple phrase that I can’t seem to shake: “none of these things move me”. In other words, nothing that comes my way will move me from my foundation – not uncertainty, not fear, not instability, not even the threat of death. That’s a radical concept especially in these times when everything seems so unstable and the potential safety of our loved ones is at risk. If unchecked, uncertainty and fear can morph into a paralyzing state of hopelessness and anxiety.

The phrase came from a traveling church planter, evangelist, and biblical writer named Paul. When he wrote those words, he was facing serious uncertainty, fear, and threat to life.  In this passage (Acts 20) he’s having a dialog with some of his closest friends and colleagues, it’s an emotional, gut-wrenching farewell before Paul leaves for what promises to be an uncertain road full of “chains, tribulation, and trial”. In fact, the road leads to imprisonment and finally execution. But rather than shrink back from this challenge, Paul makes this declaration of faith – “but none of these things move me…”. He goes on to proclaim that even though he will never see his close friends again, his focus was simply that he might “finish my race with joy…”.

How can one face such daunting peril and uncertainty and be so confident and focused on his mission? Here’s a man facing radical challenges in perilous times with everything around him screaming “panic” and “fear”, but he refuses to be shaken. Is it possible for you and I to have a similar unshakable foundation in these times we face? Well, in fact, the answer is yes, we can. Paul was confident not in his own strength or ability, his foundation rested in something much more secure. The Old Testament prophet Isaiah put it this way as he pointed to the coming king Jesus: “Therefore, this is what the Sovereign LORD says: “Look! I am placing a foundation stone in Jerusalem, a firm and tested stone. It is a precious cornerstone that is safe to build on. Whoever believes need never be shaken.”

The secret that Paul had, and you and I can have as well, is that we put our trust in the chief cornerstone – the only true foundation that will never be shaken. We at Skillwork will continue to Honor God in all we do as we strive to remain unshaken during this challenging time. We pray you have that same peace.

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