How Patience and Time Can Be Your Keys to Success

As skilled tradesmen, our main goal is to show up and get the job done right. flexed biceps
No matter if you’re new to the trades or a seasoned vet, you’ve probably run into a problem that isn’t easy to fix. 
If it’s one thing we know, getting frustrated can only make a difficult situation worse. Our advice?
Keep it simple. 
With a little time and patience, there’s no problem you can’t overcome. And by the end of that job, you’re going to have priceless knowledge and experience to add to your tool belt. hundred points
In this new episode of “The Proud Skilled Worker”, host Michael Peatrowsky and industrial technician Derius Conway discuss why time and experience are your greatest tools as a skilled tradesman. 
No matter how many notches you have in your tool belt, this is an episode you won’t want to miss. 

Main Takeaways:

hammer and wrench | Sometimes thinking small and keeping it simple are the best ways to troubleshoot. 
hammer and wrench | Understanding the way a machine functions is key to fixing it.
hammer and wrench | Experience and time are the greatest traits a maintenance technician can have. 
hammer and wrench | No matter your position in an organization, treating employees with kindness should always be a priority. 


alarm clock 00:00-04:44 | How job changes can increase your troubleshooting experience 
alarm clock 04:45-08:31 | The benefit of being patient with yourself 
alarm clock 08:32-15:24 | The evolution of robotics and automation in the skilled trades industry
alarm clock 15:24-18:00 | The benefit of being respectful and kind in the workplace 
speech balloon “Sometimes, you don’t have to really think big when something goes down. You can think small and the simplest thing you see can actually fix it. - Derius Conway, Industrial Technician 
speech balloon There’s not too much I can’t take apart and put back together, if I am given enough time. - Derius Conway, Industrial Technician 
speech balloon Take your time and be patient with yourself. If you are going to jump in, jump in. Don't be afraid to get dirty, but also understand that you don’t know everything.” - Derius Conway, Industrial Technician 
speech balloon The only traits that a maintenance tech really needs are time and experience. You give someone enough time and experience and they will learn what they are doing.” - Derius Conway, Industrial Technician  

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