Be Persistent, Be Hungry - with Austin Zapata

In this enlightening episode titled "Be Persistent, Be Hungry - with Austin Zapata," we dive deep into the world of skilled work with Austin Zapata, an experienced Electric Technician. Austin shares his journey from welding to automation, emphasizing the importance of persistence and a hunger for knowledge. He discusses the thrill of traveling the country with Skillwork and the vital role of troubleshooting in his job. 


Austin also highlights the importance of understanding the characteristics of the machines he works with to troubleshoot faster and more efficiently. He shares his approach to problem-solving, advising to take a broad view and consider what has changed from when a machine was running to when it stopped. Austin's mantra, "Slow is smooth, smooth is fast," encapsulates his methodical approach to tackling one problem at a time. 


He also talks about the significance of building a brotherhood among fellow skilled workers and the three things every skilled worker needs. This episode is a treasure trove of insights for anyone in the skilled work field or those considering entering it.  #BePersistent #BeHungry #AustinZapata #Skillwork #ElectricTechnician #Troubleshooting #ProblemSolving #Brotherhood #TopTips #Success


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Main Takeaways:

 01:54-02:49 “From Welding to Automation”

 03:00-04:02 “Build A Brotherhood With Your Fellow Skilled Workers!”

 04:57-05:56 “Three Things Every Skilled Worker Needs!”

 07:35-08:22 “Showing Up to Every Breakdown Prepares You For Success”


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