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The Proud Skilled Worker (4)

"Work" Is Not a 4-Letter Word

 Changes in the Skilled Trades 

  Society’s devaluing of “blue-collar ” jobs
Over the last several decades, there has been an erosion, if not an all-out assault, on the traditional skilled trades. This is correlated to the third industrial revolution—the computer age. We’ve learned to “work smarter, not harder”, which has its benefits, but over time has made hard work something to be looked down upon.
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The Great Resignation: Are You Trying to Relocate?

Skilled workers are needed now more than ever as industries across America see high turnover from variables like poor company culture, retention issues, and lack of respect. 
The newest episode of The Proud Skill ed W orker is with Michael and Phillip, two veterans who are now skilled tradesmen working around the nation. 
T hey share front-line insight into the employment issues our nation is facing , shed some light on what it’s like to work for Skillwork , and how this might be the next big shift for your career , too. 
This is an episode any skilled worker or business leader does NOT want to miss. Check it out!
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