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How to Successfully Lead Change In an Organization

This podcast article is actually the second part of a two-part series that talks about strategies for dealing with change in the workforce, something we all have to deal with. The first article in this series encourages you to take a look at the factors driving change. We established in that episode that the pace of change is exponentially increasing; people are changing faster, and they're changing more often, which significantly affects your employees and workforce. 

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Automation and the Future of Work

Today, we’re talking about the future of automation in the workplace. For instance, what's the future impact of automation on workers? Automation and technology are not new, but the acceleration of automation in the workplace is unlike ever before. 

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Skillbridge – A Pathway to Hire Former Military Members - With PJ Yuson

In our most recent episode, we sat down with Col. PJ Yuson, US Air Force, and discuss SkillBridge—a program dedicated to providing departing service members with job opportunities in the trades.

Check out the episode to learn more about SkillBridge, who it serves, and how your company can get involved.

 Hiring Former Military Members through SkillBridge - with PJ Yuson

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