Which Trade is Most in Demand? Fun Trades to Learn That Pay Well

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When it comes to cool jobs that make a lot of money, there’s nothing like becoming a skilled laborer. Fun trade jobs are accessible to everyone and currently in high demand due to a labor shortage

Additionally, most in-demand trades don’t require a college degree. This makes them perfect for anyone looking to change careers or get a job without attending a four-year university.

Are you interested in learning more about trade careers that “pay good” and are fun?

In this article, we’re talking about trades in high demand and the most fun trade jobs. As you read, you’ll get insight into:

  • Why you should consider a career as a skilled worker
  • What steps to take to start jobs in the trades that pay well
  • The most exciting jobs in commercial construction and manufacturing
  • How to practically find trade jobs that pay more than 20 dollars an hour   

Let’s get started with the “why” behind a career in the trades.

Why Consider Trades in High Demand

The trades have long been overlooked by nearly everyone. Instead of helping soon-to-be high school graduates genuinely understand every career path, students are steered toward the four-year college or university route.

Additionally, when people think of the trades, they think that these jobs:

  • Require little intelligence
  • Can only be performed by men
  • Don’t pay well

However, what if we told you that the opposite is actually true?

Most people don’t realize that a career in the trades is open to men and women from any background and provides them with:

Good Job Stability and Security 

The current labor shortage has created a high need for more skilled workers. Not only is there a high need for skilled workers currently, but there will always be an especially high demand for trade laborers.

Anyone who goes into a career in the most in-demand trades will have long-term job stability and security for years and decades to come. 

Great Pay and Professional Growth Opportunities 

When you consider a career in the trades, you’re actually signing up for cool jobs that make a lot of money

Did you know that most fun trade jobs are also jobs that pay more than 20 dollars an hour?

In addition, jobs in the trades that pay well initially can provide greater compensation as you gain experience and complete supplemental training courses and certifications. There are also upward mobility opportunities if you want to become a manager or supervisor.

Unique Travel Opportunities and Work Environments

Because of the labor shortage and many trades being in high demand, some staffing agencies have adopted a unique travel approach to hiring workers. These staffing agencies have relationships with employers all over the country. As these employers have needs, travel staffing agencies send skilled workers to the sites.

These needs are often short-term gigs, and the staffing agencies help pay for travel and lodging expenses. So instead of signing on as a long-term employee at one location, you can work short-term contracts in different places around the country

Now that you know why a career in the trades is valuable, let’s look at some of the requirements needed to start working as a skilled worker.

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How to Get into the Most In-demand Trades

Starting a career in the trades is often quicker and less costly than a four-year degree. However, there are still requirements you need to meet in order to prepare for a career as a skilled worker.

Most trades require that you have a high school diploma or GED. From there, each trade skill is slightly different but will consist of one or more of the following:

  • Attending a trade or vocational school
  • Completing an apprenticeship
  • Getting on-the-job training
  • Completing trainings or certifications

Most trade and vocational school programs are only two years long and a fraction of the price of a four-year college. In addition, some trades simply require an apprenticeship or on-the-job training—no schooling necessary.

It’s also common to get paid during an apprenticeship or on-the-job training program. So instead of paying money to learn a skill (i.e., college tuition), you’ll actually receive compensation.

Before choosing your trade, you’ll want to look up the specific requirements necessary to become experienced and licensed in that trade. Once you finish the requirements, you can start your career.

Or, perhaps you like the idea of a career as a skilled worker but don’t know what trade jobs exist. Keep reading to find out about some fun trade jobs that also pay well.

Fun Trade Jobs in Commercial Construction and Manufacturing

When it comes to starting a trade job, there are two industries where trades are in high demand:

  1. Construction
  2. Manufacturing

If you’re interested in cool jobs that make a lot of money, you should look into the job openings in these two industries.

Here’s a quick rundown of what these industries are like and the most in-demand trades for each one.  

Fun Trades to Learn in Commercial Construction

Commercial construction involves building large, commercial structures, like office buildings, manufacturing plants, or retail shopping centers. It also includes modifying, redesigning, and maintaining older projects.

Employers in commercial construction need a large number of skilled workers with many different skills. Some of the most in-demand trade skills needed include:

  • Architectural designers
  • Commercial carpenters
  • Civil engineering technicians
  • Pipefitters, steamfitters, and plumbers
  • HVAC installers
  • Heavy equipment operators and mechanics
  • Construction supervisors

In addition to being fun trades to learn, these careers are also jobs in the trades that pay well and offer good job stability.

Fun Trades to Learn in Manufacturing

Manufacturing is another industry that’s been hit hard by the labor shortage and has many trades in high demand.

Skilled workers in manufacturing have the expertise to install, assemble, maintain, or repair large mechanical equipment. A few of the most fun trade jobs in manufacturing are:

  • Manufacturing supervisors
  • Quality assurance specialists
  • General maintenance technicians
  • Industrial mechanics
  • Industrial maintenance technicians
  • Hydraulic technicians
  • CNC machinists

Like commercial construction jobs, manufacturing trades are often jobs that pay more than 20 dollars an hour

Whether you want to be directly using your hands or overseeing projects to ensure quality and excellence, becoming a skilled worker in construction or manufacturing offers a wide range of opportunities.

But knowing about different trades is only half the battle. You also need to know how to find and get hired for jobs in the trades that pay well.

Get Help Finding Cool Trade Jobs That Make a lot of Money

Most people don’t think about a career as a skilled worker. The biggest reason is that they don’t think tradespeople make much money. However, most skilled workers have jobs that pay more than 20 dollars an hour—some tradespeople even make six figures a year.

But aside from great pay, the most in-demand trades can also provide good job security and travel opportunities to different parts of the country.

Becoming qualified for fun trade jobs and trades in high demand often only requires a high school diploma and some combination of:

  • Vocational or trade school
  • An apprenticeship or on-the-job training
  • Specific certifications

Once you complete these requirements, you can start working as a tradesperson in commercial construction or manufacturing.

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Once you complete a job assignment, we’ll send more opportunities your way so you can continue using and growing your skills.

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