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How Is the Job Market Right Now for Blue-collar Workers?

How is the job market right now? Not great. What does the job market need right now? More workers. Currently, job openings grossly exceed the number of available workers, and the gap continues to widen. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, there were 199,000 job openings in June 2022, which jumped to over 11.2 million just a month later—a 5,528% increase!

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How to Use Recruitment Agencies to Find Work and Workers

So, you need to hire a new employee, but you don’t have the internal resources to manage the recruitment process yourself. Or, maybe you’re a skilled worker on a short-term job that wrapped up, and now you’re looking for a new gig. In both circumstances, joining a recruitment agency is a great next step. 

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How to Recruit Tradesmen in My Area

You’re likely searching Google for “tradesmen in my area” and “tradesman staffing,” but no one seems to have any answers. If you’re an employer in the trades, no one has to tell you there’s a skilled labor shortage. Driven by the mass exodus of baby boomers, the number of skilled trades jobs in the United States is far outpacing the number of younger, qualified tradespeople able to fill them. 

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4 Trade Jobs That Allow You to Travel

Did you know there’s a name for skilled tradespeople who travel for work? Some refer to them as “road warriors.” As a skilled worker taking on traveling skilled trade jobs, you’re likely always on the move. Road warriors thrive in new environments and work jobs that are typically short-term, lasting weeks or months. They seek the best skilled labor jobs that pay well and offer exciting opportunities.

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Automation and the Future of Work

Today, we’re talking about the future of automation in the workplace. For instance, what's the future impact of automation on workers? Automation and technology are not new, but the acceleration of automation in the workplace is unlike ever before. 

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