Embracing the Future: Tech-driven, In-demand Trade Careers

The world of skilled trades is undergoing a revolution.

Far from the traditional image of manual labor, today's trades are at the forefront of technological innovation. This shift presents exciting opportunities for both young adults seeking a debt-free alternative to college education and experienced tradesmen looking to upskill in cutting-edge fields to secure the highest-paying trade jobs.

Despite common misconceptions, skilled trade careers are increasingly tech-driven. According to Stanley Black & Decker’s 2022 Makers Index, 23% of young people don’t believe skilled trades involve cutting-edge technology, yet 89% of skilled workers report working with it daily. 

A survey by NFPA found that 68% of respondents (18 years and older) desire to work with innovative, non-traditional tools on a job site. By embracing and highlighting technology in the trades, trade employers can attract new talent and continue to drive innovation in the sector.

In this blog, we discuss technologies that are transforming the trades and in-demand trades that make good money using these technological advancements.

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Technologies Transforming the Skilled Trades

The skilled trades are not what they used to be. Today, they blend traditional skills with advanced technologies like AI, robotics, and automation. This evolution means more opportunities, greater job security, and higher earning potential. 

For young adults, pursuing trade careers offers a debt-free alternative to the high costs of university education and the excitement of working with advanced technology. For experienced tradesmen, new technologies offer an opportunity to expand their skill sets, increasing their value in the job market.

Key technologies driving this change in the trades include:

  • Robotics: Revolutionizing production lines and construction sites, robotics in trades has led to increased precision, safety, and productivity.
  • Additive Manufacturing: Also known as 3D printing, this technology is changing the game in manufacturing trades, allowing for the creation of complex and customized components with unprecedented ease and speed.
  • AR/VR (Augmented and Virtual Reality): These technologies are being used for training, simulation, and enhancing the precision of tasks in various trades, offering an immersive experience that bridges the gap between theory and practical application.
  • Automation: Automation technologies are streamlining processes, reducing manual labor, and increasing efficiency in trades, from manufacturing to logistics.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI isn’t just for tech companies. In the trades, AI is being used for predictive maintenance, optimizing workflows, and even assisting in complex decision-making processes.

This technological evolution means that the trades are no longer just about manual skills; they're about adapting to and working alongside advanced technologies that are shaping the future of industries. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best trades to learn in today’s tech-driven era.

Skilled Labor Jobs That Pay Well In Today’s Tech Era

The best trade jobs are those that embrace technological advancements, becoming more essential across industries. Here are several skilled labor jobs that pay well and are positioned well for the future.

  • CNC Machinists: These professionals are vital in manufacturing, working with precision and advanced computer programming to create intricate parts. Choosing a career as a CNC machinist is a great path to take for those who are detail-oriented, tech-savvy, and enjoy problem-solving. 
  • Industrial Maintenance Technicians: Essential in keeping manufacturing operations running smoothly, industrial maintenance technicians now work with complex machinery, smart factory technology, and data-driven maintenance systems. As Industry 4.0 evolves, these skilled technicians are an in-demand trade job.
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technicians: These tradesmen help engineers design, develop, and repair equipment powered by electricity. Electrical and electronic engineering technologists and technicians play a crucial role in manufacturing, working with electronic components that are integral to modern production processes.
  • Power Plant Operators: As the energy sector evolves, these operators are at the helm of complex systems, ensuring efficient and safe energy production. Power plant operators control, operate, and maintain machinery to generate electricity that powers businesses, homes, and factories.

These are some of the best trade careers to pursue because they’re important to the future of the trades, they’re lucrative, and they offer unique opportunities to work with emerging technologies. The trades will only continue to advance, and learning these trades now positions tradesmen to land top-paying trade jobs.

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