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What Does a Millwright Do?

The manufacturing industry is filled with all sorts of tradesmen who have unique specializations—all being crucial to a seamless operation. In this blog, we discuss everything you need to know about millwrights. Here’s what you can expect to learn:

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Why Young Adults Should Consider Skilled Trades Jobs

Over the years, society has praised young adults for graduating college and landing a white-collar job, making it seem like that’s the only way to be successful. With schools removing shop classes and guidance counselors emphasizing the importance of picking a major, few students even know there are other career paths available to them.

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Why Is There a Labor Shortage In The Trades?

In this blog, we answer the question, “How bad is the labor shortage?” by taking look at the U.S. labor market as a whole. Then, we dive into the skilled trades labor shortage specifically, outlining five factors that contributed to the shortage. Finally, we explain how Skillwork can bridge the gap between employers looking for workers and workers looking for trade industry jobs.

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