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How to Advance Your Education as a Tradesman Without Sacrificing Your Pay - with Justin Stewart

Do you find yourself struggling to get settled in your career?  
The skilled trades are incredibly diverse in that they provide opportunities for growth in your career and allow you to touch a wide range of jobs and industries. 
You don’t need to be stuck in one area when there are ways to “level up”, get certified online , and expand your expertise and skill. 
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"Work" Is Not a 4-Letter Word

 Changes in the Skilled Trades 

  Society’s devaluing of “blue-collar ” jobs
Over the last several decades, there has been an erosion, if not an all-out assault, on the traditional skilled trades. This is correlated to the third industrial revolution—the computer age. We’ve learned to “work smarter, not harder”, which has its benefits, but over time has made hard work something to be looked down upon.
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Wages And Benefits On The Rise

Wages and Benefits on the Rise: Are You Staying Competitive?

With record inflation and job openings around the country, companies are realizing that they need to increase wages and benefits in order to stay competitive. If you want to hire and retain quality skilled workers, this is critical. However, there are some pitfalls to this process. In this article we cover the reasons for increased wages as well as problems to avoid.

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