The Cost of Not Changing: Tyranny of the Urgent

The Cost of Not Changing: The Tyranny of the Urgent



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Do you find yourself constantly busy but never feeling like you’re gaining traction?

This week on The Skillwork Forum, we discuss a universal problem that plagues even the most dedicated of strategic leaders: the tyranny of the urgent.

It’s a simple concept but is a constant battle for many of us—the things that demand our attention eat up all our time instead of the things that are truly important. We spend our days feeling like we’re on a hamster wheel—always busy, always running, but never getting anywhere.

The unfortunate truth is this: the things that you just don’t have time to deal with right now are what will keep your business running smoothly and successfully for years to come. 🤔

Even if you don’t own or help run a business, this episode is for you.

Check out the episode and learn how to recognize the tyranny of the urgent and some practical solutions that you can apply today.


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