Why Using a Recruiter is the Best Way to Find Employees in the Trades

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Have you ever thought about using a temp agency to hire employees for your open skilled labor positions?

The Great Labor Shortage has been affecting the skilled labor space for years, making it tough for any trade employers to find and hire qualified workers. Now, on top of the labor shortage, there’s the Great Resignation—skilled workers voluntarily leaving their jobs to seek better pay, benefits, and flexible schedules at other companies.

So, what’s the best way to find employees in this current labor market? What’s the answer for trade labor employers wondering, “How do I find experienced employees to hire?”

For employers looking for more staff, the answer could be working with a specialized recruiting agency that knows how to find qualified trade employees. 

In this article, we’re sharing industry expertise regarding:

  1. Why finding good staff is necessary to your operation
  2. Why working with a skilled labor recruiter can help you find qualified employees

We’ll finish out this blog by sharing how to find new hires and fill open positions today using a skilled labor staffing agency.

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Why You Need to Find Qualified Employees

For manufacturing plants and commercial construction companies, qualified skilled workers are absolutely essential for your operations. Even if you’re upgrading your equipment and investing in automation, you still need experienced tradespeople to keep these new machines and processes running smoothly and effectively.

Otherwise, a lack of workers can lead to a number of negative consequences, like:

  • Decreased productivity and revenue
  • Increased stress on current staff
  • Unsafe work environments
  • Having to turn away new clients
  • Missed deadlines

However, the reverse is also true. When you can find the right workers and fill open positions quickly, then you can:

  • Keep production high
  • Offer more flexibility to workers
  • Take on new clients and work
  • Increase revenue and grow your business

For employers who recognize their need for workers and are asking, “How can I hire employees and reap these benefits?” keep reading.

The Benefits of Using a Trade-specific Temp Agency to Hire Employees

If you’re having trouble finding and hiring qualified skilled workers, then you may need to change your hiring practices. The best way to find employees in the current labor market might be to partner with a skilled worker recruiting agency.

Here are four ways a skilled labor recruitment agency can benefit employers looking for more staff.

They Understand Your Needs

First, an agency that specializes in skilled labor staffing will understand your needs better than a general recruitment agency. 

These specific staffing agencies will have a greater knowledge of the:

  • Specializations and certifications that you’re looking for
  • Personality and character traits needed to handle the job(s)
  • Experience required to excel in the position and work environment

In addition, the top recruitment agencies will pre-vet and gate employees before sending them your way. This vetting and gating process further ensures that the candidates you receive meet your desires and job requirements.

Instead of hoping that candidates will suit your job requirements, a trade-focused agency can deliver candidates that not only meet your needs but also exceed your expectations.

They Offer Short- and Long-term Solutions

Are you looking to find qualified employees for just a few months? 

Do you need a permanent, long-term replacement?

Is the idea of hiring someone short-term before bringing them on longer-term appealing to you?

Using a temp agency to hire employees provides you with short- and long-term employment options. These recruitment agencies often provide you with three options:

  1. Bring an experienced tradesperson on for a limited period of time
  2. Hire a qualified candidate into a long-term position
  3. Allow you to “try-out” an employee before extending their contract

For some employers looking for staff, they simply need a short-term replacement. For others, they might be searching for a long-term employee or be more excited about a “temp-to-hire” model

The hiring flexibility a recruitment agency provides can make it easier for a trade employer to find the workers they need when they need them.

They Supplement Your Internal Recruiting Efforts

Lastly, an external recruiting company can help bolster and supplement your internal hiring efforts.

Your HR or recruiting team may be working hard to generate new hire leads, using every channel possible. They may have some success. However, the candidate shortage is making traditional methods of hiring less fruitful, especially when it comes to finding qualified employees who can make an immediate impact.

Using a skilled labor recruiting company is another channel that can:

  1. Expand your geographic reach
  2. Provide you with a larger pool of qualified candidates

These two benefits can simply increase your ability to find and hire skilled tradespeople.

You don’t need to shut down your HR department or get rid of your internal recruiters. But partnering with an outside agency can get you access to new hires that you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

Now that you know why finding good staff is necessary and the benefits of using a temp agency to hire employees, let’s talk about how to find the best employees starting today.

How to Hire From a Good Temp Agency Today

“How do I find employees to hire for my open positions?” is a common question that trade labor employers have right now.

The Great Labor Shortage and Great Resignation have combined to make finding and hiring qualified skilled workers very difficult. Without the right staff, employers are in danger of:

  • Decreased productivity and revenue
  • Increased stress on current staff
  • Unsafe work environments
  • Having to turn away new clients
  • Missed deadlines

In order to avoid these negative consequences, employers need a way to find new hires. One of the best ways to find employees is by using a recruiting agency. 

Trade-focused staffing companies can benefit trade employers because they:

  • Understand the needs of trade employers
  • Offer short- and long-term staffing solutions
  • Supplement internal recruiting efforts

At Skillwork, finding good staff for trade employers is our specialty. Our proprietary vetting process and large pool of qualified candidates allow us to find you the perfect fit for your open jobs. You can choose to bring on our workers for short- or long-term gigs, whichever you need. When you work with us, you can get the workers you need when you need them—and you'll:

  • Grow your business
  • Improve your bottom line
  • Reduce risk

Contact us today to talk with a Recruiter and learn more about the Skillwork difference.

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