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Employers all over the country are saying things like, “I need construction workers ASAP.” There never seems to be enough talent to go around. Why? As younger generations enter the workforce, less and less are becoming skilled workers. To make matters worse, baby boomers are steadily retiring, creating a skilled trades shortage

As a result of this growing gap in the trades, finding construction workers to hire is becoming more challenging. In addition to the labor shortage, employers are dealing with The Great Resignation. People are voluntarily leaving their jobs to seek higher pay, more opportunities for advancement, and better work environments at other companies.

Whether you’re looking for construction workers or you’re a construction worker looking for work, this blog is for you. By the end of it, employers will know where to hire construction workers, and construction workers looking for work will know how to find jobs.

First, let’s start with employers who are searching for terms like “construction workers near me” on Google in an effort to find construction workers.

Where Can I Find Construction Workers as an Employer?

Considering the combination of the skilled labor shortage and The Great Resignation, employers are constantly looking for construction workers and other skilled laborers. “I need construction workers now” is the cry of many employers in today’s economy. 

The reality is that companies continue to hire able bodies in desperation, ignoring the repercussions of a bad fit. Without hiring staff who not only have the right set of skills, but are a good cultural fit, you risk:

  • Decreasing team productivity
  • Lowering employee morale
  • Increasing stress levels
  • Missing deadlines
  • Losing clients or being unable to take on new ones

To avoid these consequences, you need to find qualified workers. But is that possible to do quickly? Yes. The best way to efficiently find construction workers is to work with a recruiter. Fortunately, Skillwork is a trade-focused staffing company that helps employers source skilled workers all over the U.S.

Using a professional recruiting agency specializing in the trades can help you fill open positions faster than you could on your own. Not all companies have the time to create and follow a step-by-step hiring process. At Skillwork, we follow a multi-level vetting process, which helps us fill open trade jobs with the right people

If you’re an employer saying, “I need construction workers now,” we can help. Here’s what we do to find and vet skilled workers to ensure they’re a good fit before you ever interview them:

  1. Publish Job Openings
  2. Sift Through Resumes
  3. Pre-screen Candidates Via an Experienced Recruiter
  4. Test Candidates’ Personality & Aptitude
  5. Assess Candidates’ Unique Skill Level
  6. Subject-matter Expert Interviews Candidates
  7. Skillwork Interviews Qualified Candidates
  8. Facilitate Virtual Interview With Employer & Best Candidate

Your search for a “construction worker near me” ends here. As a trades-specific employment agency, Skillwork is the best site to find construction workers. Talk to a Skillwork recruiter today to learn more about how we can help you find and hire construction workers ASAP.

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Now, what if you’re a construction worker looking for work? Keep reading. We have a solution for you, too.

Where Can Construction Workers Looking for Work Find Jobs?

As construction workers looking for work, you’re networking to find job opportunities, filling out applications, following up with companies about open positions, etc. all while managing your current job. As they say, time is money, and you’re trying hard to get the most out of every minute. Wouldn’t it be great if someone could do the job search for you?

When you use an employment agency like Skillwork that specializes in the trades, they work in the background to find the best jobs available that fit your qualifications. Additionally, Skillwork uses a travel-staffing model, meaning you could get a job that fits your preferences anywhere in the U.S.

So, how does it work?

  1. Fill out an online application.
  2. Complete a skills assessment.
  3. Select your desired location and job preferences.
  4. Get matched to suitable opportunities in the U.S.
  5. Choose your assignment length and travel to the job site.
  6. Finish your contract and pick a new job opportunity, or stay where you are!

At Skillwork, we don’t push every job your way. We only send the ones that fit your unique skill sets and are located in places you want to work. And don’t worry; we handle all of the details to help get you settled. 

When you choose Skillwork to be your recruiter, you can expect:

  • Higher compensation. The jobs we find for tradesmen and women tend to pay $18/hour more than if they used another agency.
  • New experiences. We source trade jobs all over the United States, giving you plenty of travel opportunities if you’re interested.
  • Professional growth. Gain new skills and refine your craft as you take on new job opportunities at different companies.

One of the values we founded Skillwork on is to bring honor and respect back to the trades. We believe your skill set is critical to the future of our country and we’re dedicated to helping you find the right trades job. Talk with a Skillwork recruiter today about applying for a high-paying construction job.

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